Green Initiatives

The Saratoga Farmstead B&B takes pride in practicing green friendly techniques which have been second nature to the owners for many years. They have developed practices such as serving local eco-friendly food, food composting, using environmentally friendly cleaning products, and maintaining their beautiful grounds without pesticides. Along with their day to day efforts the owners always have the environment in mind as they embark on their never ending upgrades and renovations to the property. Over the years they have converted the windows and light bulbs to be energy efficient, installed solar powered outdoor lighting, and recently completed a new addition with a roof designed for solar panels they hope to install shortly.

Green Accolades

In 2014 The Farmstead became the 5th property in New York State and the 18th property in the entire United States to achieve Gold Certification in the Audubon International Green Lodging Program. This was achieved through the efforts outlined above. This Press Release explains more details of the program and how our gold status was achieved.

The Saratoga Farmstead has also been accepted in the Platinum level TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders™ program, which helps travelers around the world plan greener trips by highlighting hotels and B&Bs engaging as a GreenLeader in environmentally-friendly practices.

Audubon Cooperative Wildlife Refuge

The Farmstead is also recognized as a Wildlife Sanctuary by Audubon International.  Much of the ten acres has been left wild to allow turkey, fox, deer, bobcats, coydogs, all birdlife and all other wildlife a safe refuge from the development of the local area.  We are especially dedicated to the Monarch butterflies, a species that is facing extinction due to the destruction of the milkweed plant.  We maintain mowed paths through the wild spaces to allow guests to enjoy the wonders of the wild flowers and wildlife that our property gives sanctuary to as part of our mission.

Monarch Waystation Program

The fields surrounding the B&B are filled with milkweed and therefore home to many monarch butterflies. The Monarch Waystation Program is a national program aimed at providing resources needed for monarchs to thrive. The milkweed found at the B&B is what is needed for the monarchs to lay eggs and to give food to the migrating butterflies.